About the Labor: A Minnesota Vikings Podcast

“Don’t Tell Me About the Labor, Just Show Me the Baby” - Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

Episode 39: 2017 NFL Draft Preface

January 16th, 2017

BJ Reidell and Drew Mahowald take a look back at Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman's draft history, outline multiyear trends, take a very early look at a few different ways the team can maximize the return of its 2017 draft class and introduce their new offseason close-out segment Skol Spin. Primary talking points include the difference between Spielman's role from 2006-11 and from 2012-present, Spielman's intrigue with athletic wonders during the middle rounds, Mike Zimmer's influence on the Vikings' draft strategy, a discussion revolving around how many offensive linemen need to be selected with the team's Day 2 selections, an analysis of Spielman's issues drafting offensive linemen as well as where it stems from and BJ attempts to find the good in the Green Bay Packers' last-second win over the Dallas Cowboys during the inaugural Skol Spin segment. Note: We apologize for the excessive static; our microphones were acting up.