About the Labor: A Minnesota Vikings Podcast

“Don’t Tell Me About the Labor, Just Show Me the Baby” - Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

Episode 44: The JB Experience & Draft Jargon

February 10th, 2017

BJ Reidell and Drew Mahowald decide to go rogue on the 44th installment of the About the Labor podcast. Pressed for topics to work with, the guys had their Twitter followers, which, as expected returned some interesting results. For the first time in show history, topics completely unrelated to football get some air time, as questions regarding Drew's body odor situation, BJ's issue with breaking fold-up chairs while recording and the most polarizing discussions in the United States — you guessed it: Traditional vs. Boneless wings (you thought we were going to talk politics, huh? Never). Minnesota Vikings topics follow the 10-minute "culture" section including a discussion regarding the relevancy of those who claim Mike Zimmer is a defensive genius, some thoughts regarding how many grains of sand remain in the Vikings-Adrian Peterson hour glass, arguably the most laugh-out-loud funny headline of the Zimmer era: Blair Walsh signs with Seattle Seahawks, some random critical thinking briefs, an opening review of the 2017 class of edge-rusher prospects and a couple quick-hitters on a top-heavy tight end class as well.